Hide the messy wires so easily

Tidy Up! has a extremely useful item namely “Wire Bin” with snug fit 4-socket Power Strip in white color is perfect fit to keep all the wires hidden. This power strip is inside a stylish box which neatly encloses all types of AC Adapters, Chargers, USB Hubs, Excess wires & cables. Its size allows all types of wires to easily access them whenever when wants to plugin be it your laptop, mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets. Parents need not worry as its childproof and ensures complete safety.

This extremely useful item helps you to organize wires and power strips in your home or office space. It is available in white, black and brown , so you can easily choose from these colours to blend with your surrounding. So next time you are revamping your office space buy Wire Bin to give a neat look to you work area. It is a multipurpose item which makes your life easy.

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